SERVICE: We partner with our clients to build long term relationships and act as an extension of your HR department. We match specifically skilled candidates with our clients, saving business time and money while providing our candidates with meaningful employment. This requires a high level understanding and communication and ensures a highly successful partnering with our clients.


COST SAVING: Our clients tell us what they’re looking for, typically it’s something they are having a difficult time filling on their own. For most companies there is a cost of vacancy associated with an open job requirement. We help reduce the cost of vacancy by filling the vacant need with hard to find talent. We source, qualify and select candidates for interviews using a proven Agile Recruiting Methodology, and our clients interview and hire the best candidates.


STRATEGIC: By working with firms like ours, HR professionals and professionals in a hiring capacity can quickly find individuals with specific skill sets or hard-to-find work experience. This flexibility enables HR to serve an organization in a strategic manner. HR can respond quickly to changing business needs without burdening a company with excessive time spent recruiting and interviewing. This includes finding candidates for positions that are not central to a company's business. A software company, for example, may need an accountant. Or a retailer may need a graphic designer. Firms like ours make it happen. This type of agility is used as a competitive advantage by smart companies.


GUARANTEED: Raymond Resources Company guarantees the quality of our services. There in no obligation or cost associated with engaging us in a search. The only fee paid to us is by our clients, once you decide to make an offer to one of our candidates, the candidate accepts and starts. In short, our clients only pay for results. There is never a fee paid by our candidates.


INDUSTRY RESEARCH: According to the American Staffing Association eight in ten business customers say that staffing companies are a good way to find potential permanent employees—and industry research indicates that three out of four customers rank the quality of the employees they get from staffing firms as good as or better than their own employees.


We have a team of experienced Recruiters that go beyond reviewing resumes. With Raymond Resources Company, you have an expert staffing partner. We work closely with our Candidates to understand and verify their skills to ensure a perfect match that will benefit our Customers and Candidates. If you are looking for top notch professional talent, please contact one of our professional staffing experts via telephone or email.